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Frequently asked questions

Explore the answers to commonly asked questions about MembersHealth services.
I have my own family doctor, can I still use MembersHealth doctors?
YES. Your family doctor will be happy that you used our service, as he/she will not suffer the financial penalties for their billings that happen when you go to walk-in type clinics. Additionally, the depth and quality of care you receive from MembersHealth is exceptional.
Will you keep my family doctor updated?
YES, with your Consent. MembersHealth believes that continuity of care is a critical part of preventive health and long-term wellness. Your family doctor and MembersHealth work together in this regard, to have a complete picture of your health and take action as needed.
I do not have a family doctor, can you help?
YES, we have helped many Members find family doctors accepting patients.
Is this service available to my spouse and my children? Are they covered?
YES, MembersHealth has you and your entire family covered. Our services ensure that all members, including your spouse and dependents, can easily connect with our doctors whenever the need arises. Your MembersHealth Benefit Card is equipped to include them all, identified by your unique MH ID#.
Will MembersHealth doctors offer direct advice or issue prescriptions for marijuana or CBD oil?
What does the Care Team do?
The Care Team is the critical link between our doctors and the Members.  They are responsible for securing timely appointments with specialists and for tests, making sure the patient is kept informed of what is going on with their file, that the record is active and for being the instant resource for the Members and the doctors & specialists as needed.

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