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First Response-Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder

With personalized care based on your needs, MembersHealth's specialized First Response – PTSD Program is confidential and understands the impact trauma has on mental and physical well- being. Our program focuses on the unique experiences of EMS workers and the effects on their families.

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How Our Approach Makes a Difference

Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by first responders, our program is meticulously created to address the broad spectrum of complexities that often are experienced by those experiencing symptoms of  PTSD.

Led by a team of seasoned clinicians specializing in trauma, crisis and PTSD, we stand ready to provide unwavering support to those who courageously navigate the frontlines of emergencies.

Our clinicians not only possess a deep understanding of the stressors that often arise in the first responders' roles but also bring empathy and expertise to navigate the aftermath of emotions and behaviours that are experienced after a traumatic event.
Direct contact with MembersHealth’s clinical management team for referrals into the program

Our experienced clinical management team will ensure that the program is the right fit for your members and support you throughout the process. Access to the clinical management team ensures the member is receiving the tailored support they need with seamless and immediate referrals into the program. This direct contact facilitates a swift and efficient process for members seeking assistance.

Immediate crisis support for all members, including the leadership team:

In the moment support for all mental health related issues. We understand that trauma and PTSD can often be triggering in the moment. We provide prompt and timely assistance for individuals facing immediate challenges. We understand that some issues require urgent attention and our dedicated team stands ready to support your members grappling with immediate mental health challenges. Your emotional wellbeing deserves timely care and our In the moment support bridges the gap between vulnerability and resilience to ensure no one walks this path alone.

Upfront screening to clarify individual needs and confirm Program appropriateness:

At MembersHealth we want to ensure our members receive the clinically appropriate support they require. We provide a personal consultation and screening with the member which allows us to confirm the program's appropriateness and fit them with a clinician that best fits their needs.

Treatment (internal program) and referral (external), if clinically appropriate

MembersHealth ensures that we are supporting our members with the right treatment throughout the entire process. If changes are needed or the member requires additional long term support outside of the program, our team will support the client with next steps for a seamless transition.

Specialized team of skilled and trained clinicians

Our clinical department has an extensive and diverse team of clinicians specializing in various mental health concerns, trauma and PTSD. Our team of clinicians go above and beyond using their years of expertise and specialties to support each client throughout their wellness journey.

Aftercare support as needed

Upon completion of the program, individuals will receive ongoing aftercare support tailored to their specific needs. This ensures a smooth transition and continued assistance in maintaining mental well-being.

Educational seminars (i.e., post-traumatic stress disorder, vicarious traumatic stress disorder, early warning indicators)

Educational seminars are conducted to provide participants with in-depth knowledge about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), vicarious traumatic stress disorder, and early warning indicators. This empowers individuals with a better understanding of their mental health.

Peer support (i.e., development, screening, consultation)

A structured peer support system is in place, encompassing the development, screening, and consultation phases. This facilitates a supportive network among participants, fostering understanding and empathy.

Co-occurring or concurrent mental health issues (i.e., depression, substance use, guilt, anger)

The program recognizes and addresses co-occurring or concurrent mental health issues such as depression, substance use, guilt, and anger. Treatment plans are designed to comprehensively address these intertwined challenges.

Medical Support

Participants receive medical support as part of the program, ensuring that any physical health concerns related to substance use are addressed. This holistic approach takes into account both mental and physical well-being for a more thorough and effective recovery process.

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