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Disability Management Program

Our Disability Management Program offers support to employees/members, who may be going off on disability or who are currently on disability benefits for mental health-related issues.

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How Our Approach Makes a Difference

We know it is important that your employees/members are properly assessed and receive the appropriate treatment support while away from their work duties. Just as important, we know the return-to-work process is crucial to make certain they remain back at work.

At MembersHealth, our disability specialists work with management, the employee/member, the insurance provider, and additional healthcare providers, at every stage of the disability benefit process. We guarantee timely assessments, clear communication (with consent), effective treatment and support, using a collaborative, best practice approach.
Management consultation- with a MembersHealth senior clinical management to gather information, discuss details, and confirm next steps.
Assessment- to identify problem, severity level, treatment recommendations.
Treatment- provided internally and/or through community resources.
Aftercare- to provide additional support once formal treatment is completed to help make certain stability is maintained and support for underlying issues is given.
Return-to-work- guidance and support in the transition back to regular duties.

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