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Substance Use Recovery Program

MembersHealth’s Substance Use Recovery Program (SURP) is a full-service program that provides expert support for your members and employees every step of the way through the recovery process.

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How Our Approach Makes a Difference

By recognizing the distinct challenges faced by First Responders, Union Members, and those in safety-sensitive roles, our addiction specialists bring a depth of understanding to the SURP. This awareness allows for a more targeted and empathetic approach, acknowledging the specific stressors and demands of these professions in relation to substance use issues.
Direct Contact with Members Health's Clinical Management Team for Referrals into the Program

Access to the clinical management team ensures seamless and immediate referrals into the program. This direct contact facilitates a swift and efficient process for members seeking assistance.

Underlying Mental Health Issues (e.g., Post-Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression)

Recognizing the interconnectedness of substance use and mental health, the program provides specialized support for underlying mental health issues. This includes addressing conditions like post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression, ensuring a comprehensive approach to well-being.

In-the-Moment Support for Substance-Related Issues

Providing real-time support for substance-related concerns, the program ensures that individuals facing immediate challenges receive timely assistance. This instant support is crucial for managing crises and fostering a proactive approach to substance-related issues.

Psychosocial Issues (e.g., Relationship, Family)

The program addresses psychosocial aspects, such as relationship and family dynamics, recognizing their influence on an individual's well-being. This holistic approach aims to strengthen support systems and foster a healthy environment for recovery.

Educational Seminars on Substance Use

Engaging and informative seminars cover various aspects of substance use, including recognizing indicators, approaching others with care and concern, understanding the impacts on work and family, and effective stress management techniques.

Consultations for Leadership Team

Tailored consultations for leadership teams are available, offering guidance and support in addressing substance-related issues within the organizational framework. These consultations aim to equip leadership with the knowledge and strategies necessary for fostering a healthy and supportive work environment.

Relapse Prevention/Aftercare

A crucial component of the program, relapse prevention and aftercare support are provided to help individuals sustain their progress post-treatment. This ongoing assistance is designed to reinforce positive behaviors and minimize the risk of relapse.

Treatment and Referral

The program offers a range of treatment options, with an emphasis on individualized care. Additionally, participants may be referred to specialized treatment services based on the severity and nature of their substance-related concerns.


A comprehensive assessment process is implemented to understand the unique needs of individuals. This step ensures that personalized and effective intervention plans can be devised based on a thorough understanding of each participant's circumstances.

Medical Support

Participants receive medical support as part of the program, ensuring that any physical health concerns related to substance use are addressed. This holistic approach takes into account both mental and physical well-being for a more thorough and effective recovery process.

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